Quran- A brief Introduction

by Abdul Shaheed Azhary

What is Quran

Quran is the word of Allah. It was called ‘Mus-haf’ by Khaleefa ِAbu Bakr (Ref: Itqan by Imam Suyooti).  It has been devided equally in to 30 parts (called Juz in Arabic ). It has 114 chapters and 6666 verses. According to the prophet (S.A), Quran covered all the informations.

When Quran Revealed

Since Quran is the word of Allah, it is old and eternal. First verse of Quran revelaed to Prophet Mohammad (S.A) in 610 AD and continued 23 years to finish whole chapters of Quran.

How Quran Revealed

Verses of Quran sent down to propeht in different times. It revealed piecemeal throught 23 years. Why whole Quraan was not sent down at once to  prophet Muhammad(S.A)?  Many reasons prvoided. Gradual revelation can strengthens the heart of prophet (S.A), it can bring timly answer to the questions asked by the audeince, it can give live rulings of Islam. Quran revlealed to change the whole human beings – not only the people who were present at the time of the revelation- from the darkness to light.

Why Quran revleaed?

Quran was revealed to guide human beings.  Repeatedly Quran asked to think over the universe and find the eternal truth from it.

Quran Collection

Quran didn’t reveal as a whole book at a time. In the time of prophet, whenver a verse is revleaed the companions would make a written record of what revealed.  Several companions kept the written record for their personal use. Later, during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, when he discovered that huge number of those companions who memorzied Quran killed in the battle ‘yamamah’ , he ordered to  collect it them in a single volume. Several pocedures were taken to ensure that the book is the same as what revleaed to prophet in terms of words and sequence.

Existence of Quran

Quran has never disappeared from the earth even a day. It remained dormant. Quran is only unique scripture that is safe in the hearts of millions of Muslims world wide. Even if all the copy of Quran disappeared from the earth the content of  Quran will be secured in the hearts of those quran memorized people. History proves that Bible disappeared at least for some days because of the enymy attack. Vedas kept hidden by Aryans for many years. . These scriptures were not available to recover its origin after they have been destroyed. This is what Quran challange all the books availabe in the world. In short, this is one of the reason for which wise intelligent people considered Quran as changeless, everlasting and immutable.

How Quran eradicated bad habits?

Quran followed rational approach to change the bad habit of the people, and made a radical change in the society. For example, governments and organizations strive for the eradication of consuming alchohol and spend millions of rupees/dollors for this. They use mass media, instittuions and expert team to do this campaign. Some time a few number of people abandon the alchohol. Suddenly they think it as a great achievment!. In most cases, the people revert to their old habit as soon as possible. Just compare this attempt of governments and organizations  with the reform process of Prophet Mohammad (S.A). What a radical change happened when prophet ordered to stop alchohol drinking!. You see millions of Muslims still hate drinking alchohol!


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