Jamia Saadiya: North Kerala's largest Islamic Centre

Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya, a religious and socio-cultural organization established in 1971 by late Janab Kallatra Abdul Khader Hajee in his house is a prodigious pharos in North Kerala. The dynamic leadership of Janab M.A.Abdul Khader Musliyar, an eminent scholar, has made Sa-adiya one of the biggest institutions meant for the socio-cultural development of the society. Sa-adiya aims at establishing and running educational complex, medical centre and vocational training centres for the community. More than 4000 students from various religious sects get educated and vocationally trained in diverse fields and 150 staff render their valuable service.Sa-adiya is situated on a lovely hillock near Chandragiri river, six kilometer south of Kasaragod town and eight kilometer north of Bekal Fort. There are more than twenty institutions functioning under Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya. It comprises of Sa-adiya Sharee-ath College, Boarding Madrassa, Orphanages for boys and girls, College of Arts and Science, Senior Secondary English Medium School, Industrial Training Centre, Computer Training Centre, Multi and Super Speciality Hospital, etc.
Sa-adiya which flourished under the dynamic and powerful leadership of eminent scholars is a hope and inspiration to the community and a paragon in the northern part of Kerala as well.

The purpose is very laudable because Sa-adiya aims at imparting material education along with religious teachings to the muslims. Its contributions to the community are unique and unparallel.

The Committee spends a huge amount for the smooth functioning of the institutions and accomplish its objectives and purposes. The main source of income to the Committee is the offerings, donations and assistance made by the general public within India and outside. The donation to Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya is exempted from income tax.

The Committee expresses its gratitude for the acts of magnificence of those who have extended their help and co-operation and hope the same in the days to come. May almighty Allah shower His blessings upon us, Ameen.

Sharee-ath College



The Sharee-ath College which started by late Kallatra Abdul Khader Hajee in his house in 1971 has been developing day by day. It offers a 10-year course to those who have completed upper primary level of Islamic education. Those who pass in the final examination are conferred with the degree of ‘Moulavi Fazil Sa-adi’ (MFS) which is equivalent to the Degree course of Hamdard University , New Delhi . Those who pass the degree are eligible to take PG course in the University. More than 400 students from all over India are studying in this college and at present, there are, many eminent scholars and philosophers as teaching staff.




The School was started in 1984 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi . At present, it is a Senior Secondary School . Syllabus followed from Class I to XII is CBSE.

The School is owned and managed by Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya, an educational and cultural institution in South India . The school was established with a view to impart modern education. Simultaneously, arrangement is made for religious instructions to Muslim students compulsorily. The Muslim boys are encouraged to perform their Mid-day Namaz (Zuhr) in the Masjid in Sa-adiya Campus. There is a Prayer Hall in the School Campus exclusively for Muslim Girls. On the whole, the School aims at to build up a new generation who values human virtues. Utmost importance is attached to maintain absolute discipline. Topmost priority is given for character formation and uplift of moral standards.

Medium of instruction is English and three language formula i.e. English, Hindi and Malayalam is followed from Standard I to VIII. In the standard IX and X, the languages taught are English and Hindi. In the Senior Secondary level (+2), the core language is English and elective subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, History, Political Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and Multimedia & Web Technology.

Orphanage for Boys

It was the long and cherished hope of the Committee to build up a home for the educational development of the orphans and destitutes from among the muslims. As a result an orphanage was started in 1984 to shelter the orphans. About 300 students get educated from this institution. The institution provides training in computer, typewriting and tailoring to orphans and helps them in their higher education as well. The Committee has to spend above Rs.2 lakhs per month for the smooth running of the institution. It takes care of all needs of the orphans like food, clothing, boarding, health, education, etc. Some of the students from the orphanage are taking education in MBBS, B.Ed and other Post –graduate and Degree courses

Orphanage for Girls

There are a number of orphanages existing for sheltering and protecting the orphan and destitute boys, but unfortunately for the girls there is hardly any of that kind. Therefore, the Committee found it highly essential to establish an orphanage specially meant for girl orphans in order to accommodate them providing proper education of both spiritual and material. Eventually the orphanage started functioning sheltering about girls orphans in a partially completed building. A huge amount is required to complete the building.

Boarding Madrasa

This is started with a view to cultivate Islamic principle, culture and practices in the minds of the youngsters. About 300 students including Malayalam, Kannada and English mediums are accommodated here. Sa-adiya Boarding Madrasa is one of the first started madrasas in Kerala.

Hifzul Quran College

Realizing the indispensable need for reciting and by-hearting the Holy Qur-an the Committee has set up the said college in Sa-adiya campus. In this modern world where the reciting of Qur-an and its rhythmic mode are neglected the service of such college is highly essential. In addition to religious subjects languages like Arabic, English and Urdu are taught here. It offers a three-year course by teaching the students elegant and rhythmic mode of reciting and by-hearting the Holy Qur-an.


A library is setup within the premises of Jamia Sa-adiya Arabiya which contains more than 25000 books on different topics and languages to boost the knowledge of the students. A wide range of cassettes are also available in the library. Since the existing collection of books are hardly enough to meet the needs of students, it is necessary to mobilize more. The Research Centre is not yet started for want of enough space in the building.

from the Jamia’s webpage http://www.saadiya.org/sa-adiya.htm. Please visit the site for more updated info


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