Al Maquar Al Islami: Growing Muslim Center in Kannur- Kerala

Al Maquarrussunniyul Islamiyy was born as the outcome of a long cherished dream of the Sunni Muslims in Kannur, in 1989, on May 25th in Badariya Nagar, Thalipparamba, Kerala . Islamic scholars and the Sunni Society who had awakened to the call of the passing time came forth united to start this organization which has now grown to the stature of a full fledged organization spread out in various intitutions in Kerala.

Al Maquar started in humble beginnings in Badariya Nagar is now situated in the picturesque settings of Nadukani Darul Aman and in the socially backward hilly terrain of Vayakkara Nibras Nagar. The centres serve as a sources of knowledge to a number of people.

Al-Maquar-Al Islami-Kannur-Kerala-India

Al-Maquar-Al Islami

Spread out in 15 institutions nearly 2500 students imbibe spiritual, materialistic and technical education under the auspices of Al Maquarrussunniyul Islamiyy. A Shari- ath College, Girls Orphanage, Islamic Women’s College, Residential Islamic Coaching Centre, Computer Centre, English School, Secondary Madrasa & technical institutions are some of the institutions.

For the maintenance of these institutions we are spending more than five lakh rupees every month. We do not have any permanent source of income. We depend on Philanthropic institutions and Individuals for their liberal financial help. We are thankful to those brothers in Islam who liberally support us in our venture to fulfill laudable this object.
We appeal most earnestly for your esteemed help and financial assistance for the institutions under Al-Maquarrussunni. Our prayers will be with you for the well being of you, your family and your establishments.

Sharee-ath College

Deriving the true spirit of Islam, Al Maquar Centre has promulgated its goal of teaching Islam, as it was preached originally by the great Prophet. Sharee ath College offers a vast range of Islamic studies and presents to the society scholars who have delved deep into the roots of Islam. The aim of this college is to retain the tradition of the past and to cope with contemporary developments of the society.

Students entering Shari’at College will find subjects that stress on personal self-fulfillment and a suite of subjects that emphasise preparation for the real world of an Islamic preacher. They are exposed thoroughly to topics like thafseerul Quran, Hadith, Al Fiq’hul Islami, History, Mathematics etc. The students are also trained on speech and creative writing in languages like English, Arabic Urdu and Malayalam. The provision to write Open BA and recognised Mu-Allam training course along with Hisb Classes are also given here. Those who come out of this institution are awarded ‘Al-Amani’ title and a certificate in Arabic Language and Arts. Students are taught different languages and Computer courses. Nearly 200 youth Amani scholars are rendering valuable services to Islam in Kerala and abroad.

Da-wa College

The Da’wa college started functioning understanding the need for a consortium of scholars with deep rooted knowledge and experience in the teachings of Quran who can imbibe the pulse of the modern age and work towards the upliftment of the society.

The curriculam is scheduled in such a way that students of the Da’wa college graduate in religious studies with the Fazil Amani degree and MA in English Literature simultaneously. The students are also trained in speech, creative writing and computer. The Da’wa College is affiliated to the Islamic Educational Board.

Girls Orphanage

To spend your wealth out of love for Him, For your Kin, For Orphans, For the needy” (The Holy Quran Surah Al-Baqarah; aya 177)

An insight into the pathetic condition of girls who were destined to be orphans led to the establishment of this Girls Orphanage by Al Maquar. Of all institutions of Al-Maquar, the Girls Orphanage is one of that deserves special mention. The Orphan girls are looked after here giving them all amenities of life. Most of these children are from impoverished families, and in the orphanage they
receive free education, boarding and lodging and a homely environment to grow up. In order to make them self-sufficient in life, such girls are given vocational training in various trades according to their interest, aptitude and caliber. The inmates are given public education in Al-Maquar English School right from the LKG to Secondary School level under the CBSE syllabus. More than 100 Orphan Girls are studying here under the able guidance and instruction of eminent women teachers. Those with special skills in technical fields like computer, electronics, printing, tailoring, etc are trained and assisted in their relevant areas.

Boys Orphanage

And that ye stand firm for justice to orphans” (The Holy Quran Surah An-Nisaa; aya 127)
Caring for the destitute and orphans, is fast becoming an uphill task for the society in these times. The Al-Maquar Orphanage and poor home for the destitute is rendering valuable service to the humanity. The orphans and destitute are looked after in this institution. It was founded with a view to ameliorate the lot of the downtrodden and impoverished orphans. This orphanage, a unique institution, was established, to offer education plus other amenities of life free of charge for Muslim orphans. They are given food, shelter, cloth and job oriented education besides religious and moral instructions. Thus, they are capable of leading a good and happy life without any inferiority complex. We are extremely happy and also proud that ours has been first of this kind in Kerala. Established in 1989 at Dar ul Aman the orphanage has been shifted to new premises with enhanced facilities in Vayakkara Nibras Nagar. A new orphanage for girls has also started functioning in Mayilvadi Aman.

Boarding Madrasa

Boarding Madrasa was put up for educating and sheltering the students coming from the financially sound families who have had very little knowledge of the values of Islam due to the pressure of the circumstances they have been born to. They are given public education right from High School onwards along with religious awareness. Good environment has been provided to protect them from deviating the path of Islam. In this institution, Nazira(Reading) of Quran, Recitation and the Memorization of the Holy Quran are taught to students under the supervision of capable teachers.

This Madrasa has been functioning for the past 17 years.

A special Boarding Madrasa for girl students has also started functioning now. In both the institutions special boarding facilities are given for English medium students.

Womens’ College

According to the teachings of Islam, women are also obliged to seek knowledge side by side with men. Today the lack of religious education for girls and women has become a very serious problem. To tackle this problem, The Islamic Women’s’ College was established with the aim to provide high quality university level education for female students. The college is affiliated to the Kannur University

The women’s college is situated at Badriya Nagar. The preliminary Afsal-ul-ulama & BA courses are being conducted at the college. A high standard of discipline quite distinct from that of other college campuses is maintained here. Separate religious classes are also held in the college. We provide female graduates with the educational and practical experience needed to nourish and develop their intellectual capacity and to inspire them to reach their maximum potential. Prayer Hall and Library are also provided. Special boarding facilities are provided on request.

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