Ma'adin : Source of Inspiration for Indian Muslims

Ma’dinu Ssaquafathil Islamiyya, which started in a humble way in the year 1997, has now grown into a vast educational complex comprising of more than 25 institutions with ten thousand five hundred students on the rolls. Ma’din also offers help to the poor and the down trodden in society, besides acting as a source of help to the hapless victims of natural calamities. Ma’din is the testimony of truth and righteousness in the moral vista of social and spiritual renaissance.

Ma-adin : An Inspiration Indian Muslims

Ma-adin : A source of Inspiration for Indian Muslims

The word Ma’din means ‘source or origin’, the source of love, empathy and all virtues. Those who are in miseries and are crying for help, walk in to the soothing shade of Ma’din, as if they have found a new path of survival. It is a source of hope for those who grope in the wilderness of sufferings.

Shari’ at College is the first educational institution to come up on the Ma’din Campus in 1997. It was meant to shape up scholars in religious matters and to impart higher education in Islamic theology.

The college also provides education on religious matters to lead society from the front.
The training includes computer coaching, seminars and workshops on contemporary issues besides teaching different languages including Arabic, Urdu, English and Malayalam. The syllabus at the Shariat College comprises of the Holy Qur’an, the Hadith, Linguistics, History and Literature. The college has an excellent library also. Students who complete the course from the college are also sent for higher studies outside the state and abroad as well.
Facilities are provided there for speaking English according to the British Accent and opportunity to studying Journalism and chances for higher studies at the famous universities like Mysore Law College , JNU and CIEFEL Hyderabad .

Shariath College

Courses offered:
Course name    :           Mukthasar ( A complete study of Islam)
Duration           :           8 Yrs

Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiquhe Islam, Akhida (…….) , Thareekh (History) , Manthique (Logic), Ilmul Balagah ((Arabic Literature), Aflakh (Astronomy), Ilmu Nnahvu (Arabic Grammar)

Medium : Arabic / Malayalam / Urdu / English

Class Time: The college classes function on all days of the week except Thursday and Friday from 6.30 in the morning to 4’o clock in the evening.

Uniform : The white Dress and turban is the recognized uniform of this institution and it is obligatory for each student to wear this uniform.

Two unit test examinations are conducted in an academic year and Progress Report of the student will be prepared once in an year.
The over all performance of the students in the terminal examinations is considered for promotion to the next higher class.

Attendance : The pupil should be punctual in attendance and no student shall absent himself without the prior permission of the principal in charge. If prior permission can not be obtained for reasons beyond control, an application for leave signed and recommended by the parent / guardian should be sent to the Principal on the first day of absence itself.
Leave up to three days can be granted by the principal in charge concerned and leave for four days and more will be granted by the principal.
The name of the student will be removed from the rolls if he is absent for fourteen days consecutively without applying for any leave.
In such cases re admission will be given only on satisfactory explanation by the parent / guardian.
No leave other than Medical Leave will be granted for absenting from examinations.
In the case of those who absent on medical ground the medical certificate produced should be from not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon.
80 percentage of attendance is compulsory in an academic year for a student to appear for the terminal examination.
Shortage up to 15 percentage will be condoned on medical grounds.

Leave:Leave will be granted only in special circumstances and that too as per the request of the parents.

Holidays and Vacations : Holidays and Vacations will be notified at the beginning of each academic year. The college observes a long ramzan vacation. Apart from this, brief vacations are given during Eids and Meladu shareef
Extra Curricular Activities.
Competitions in Arts and Literary items, Study tours, Career Coaching and Seminars on important topics are conducted for the over all mental and physical development of the students and attendance is compulsory in the programmes organized on days of national importance.

Computer Training:
There will be facilities for computer training for the students free of cost.
A well equipped I.T lab is established with access to the online resources through the Broad band connection.

Head Of the Departmetns:

  1. Language classes in Modern Arabic, urdu, English and Malayalam, to improve the command over language

Faculty concerned :
Modern Arabic: Abdu Samad Saquafi al Afzali, Melmuri
Cell: 9847 266873
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 331
Urdu : …………… Master
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 309
English : Koya Master
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 309

  1. Information Technology

Faculty concerned :
Aboobacker Saquafi Alkamili, Agathi
Cell      : 9446 289475
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 325

  1. Literary Activities and oratory

Faculty concerned:
Abdul Jaleel Saquafi Kadalundi
Cell:.    9447 269334
Dial :    0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 312

  1. Discussion Forum and Alumni Associatio

Faculty concerned :
Nasar Ahsani Karekkad
Cell:           …………………..
Dial :          0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 315

  1. Public Librar

Faculty concerned :
Aboobacker Saquafi Alkamili, Agathi
Cell      : 9446 289475
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 325

Discipline: Each student should strictly observe the rules and regulations prescribed by the college and the parents should take special care that their wards observe the rules and regulations of the school unscrupulously.
Use of Mobile phone and other electronic gadgets used mainly for fun and entertainment are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
Picketing of vehicles on the road and behaving indecently to fellow passengers and manhandling of the employees of the bus are viewed seriously and such tendencies will not at all be tolerated and stern action will be taken against those involved in such incidents.
Attendance of the parents is compulsory in the PTA meetings.

Application Forms:
Application form for admission along with the prospectus can be obtained from the office on payment of Rs.10/=
And the form will be issued from March first onwards and the filled in applications should be received in the office on or before June 30th of every year.

The cost of application form downloaded from the site has to be remitted along with the filled in Application form


  1. selection will be on the basis of an entrance test and interview.
  2. candidates seeking admission should be healthy and physically fit for hostel life and should not be suffering from contagious diseases, epilepsy and other deadly diseases
  3. The candidates should pass 7th standard in madrassa
  4. Admission is restricted to only male candidates
  5. Candidates should compulsorily reside at the hostel
  6. Selected candidates should come with the following documents at the time of admission along with their parents/ guardians.
  1. Interview memo
  2. Transfer certificate issued by the Head of the institution last attended (both madrassa and school separately)
  3. Madrassa Transfer certificate should be obtained in the name of ‘ Ma’din College of Islamic Sharea’h’ and School Transfer Certificate in the name of  ‘Madin Higher Secondary School, Melmuri’
  4. Certificate of the qualifying examinations, both madrassa and school
  5. Conduct certificate issued by the Secretary / President of the Mahallu committee concerned
  6. Dress, bed sheets and other essential items for personal use in the hostel.
  7. The institution will provide Cots and the facilities for washing and ironing the dress

Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari, Kadalundi
Cell: 9447 186 496
Dial : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Ext. 313
Fax: 0483 2732836

Principal in charge
Aboobacker Saquafi, Kuttassery
Cell: 9495 531394
Dial : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 314
Fax: 0483 2732836

1. Aboobacker Saquafi Alkamili, Agathi
Cell      : 9446 289475
Dial      : 0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 325
2.         Nasar Ahsani Karekkad
Cell:     …………………..
Dial :    0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 315
3.         Abdul Jaleel Saquafi Kadalundi
Cell:.    9447 269334

Dial :    0483 2738343, 2731145, 2737076 Extn. 312

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