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Beautiful Arabic poem about death

Did you ever remember about death? Death gives very simple advice to all; there is no sense in striving hard to gather wealth if it is not for the sake of the hereafter life. Everyone accept that one day he has to pass away.There are numerous sayings about death and its teachings in almost all sects and religions. But the problem lies in the fact that we couldn’t get time to remember this scenario. Therefore, we need to refresh our mind and remind it about death on frequently basis. One of the popular poems in Arabic about death is the one that begins with   ليس الغريب غريب الشام واليمن . All should read carefully this heart catching poem. Click here to read it.


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Business technique in Isalmic preaching!

By Abu Sheima

Social viewpoint of Islam is clear and obvious, it announced categorically that every Muslim is responsible of his act, everyone has his own sphere of governance and he should be careful of his people. No one can escape from it. Automatically responsibility fall upon a Muslim once he reaches puberty. أقرأ باقي الموضوع »

اكتب تعليقُا