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Adkiya- popular work of Zainudden Makdoom(R) in Tasawwuf-4


وَلِكُلِّ وَاحِدِهِمْ طَرِيقٌ مِنْ طُرُقٍ

يَخْتَارُهُ فَيَكُونُ مِِنْ ذَا وَاصِلاَ

Among the many tariqahs available, each one selects his own tariqah, and thus he reaches the goal through that tariqah.

كَجُلُوسِهِ بَيْنَ الأَنَامِ مُرَبِّيًا

وَكَكَثْرَةِ الأَوْرَادِ كَالصَّوْمِ الصّلاَ

like sitting midst the people as educator, increasing the number of wird (accustomed worships) such as fasting and prayer

وَكَخِدْمَةٍ للِنَّاسِ وَالحَمْلِ الحَطَبِ

لِتَصَدٌّقٍ بِمُحَصّلٍ مُتَمَوِّلاَ

and(like) service of people( ie scholars), loading wood so he can earn money and give in charity.

مَنْ رَامَ أَنْ يَسُلُكَ طَرِيقَ الأَوْلِيَاء

فَلْيَحْفَظَنْ هَذَا الوَصَايَا عَامِلاَ

Whoever wants to enter the path of awlia, let him keep the following instructions.

Every waliyy has his own way to adopt tariqah. It is not restricted to reciting some kind of dikr or following a specific Sheikh. There are many ways to follow; some people prefer a way while some other people prefer another way. The author provided us with some of the popular examples.

1.  The first example given here is to work as an instructor, teacher, lecturer or in any kind of educational field giving clear instructions to the way of Allah along with controlling his movements and activities.

2. Second example is engaging himself in the worship of Allah like performing Salah (prayer) or Sawm (fasting). He has to do them in large quantity.

3. The third example is serving the people. The word people indicates to religious scholars and sufis.(Ref: Hidaytul Azkiya)

4. The forth example is working hard to earn some money for feeding the poor and destitute. He carries the wood from the forest to make firewood and sells it in the market. Then he spends in charity the money he earned

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Adkiya- popular work of Zainudden Makdoom(R) in Tasawwuf-2

by Abdul Shaheed Azhary

Line No. 3

تَقْوَى الإلهِ مَدَارُ كُلِّ سَعَادَةٍ   وَتِبَاعُ أَهْوَى رَأْسُ شَرِّ حَبَائِلاَ

Piety or righteousness (تقوى) is the basis and foundation of all happiness. Following the self passion is basic cause of all evil traps

Piety (taqwa) is the backbone of all good deeds. Being this book Adhkiya dedicated for one who wants to be waliyy  (true believer with high rank), the author Sheikh Zainuddeen (R) categorically begins with taqwa, the highest character of a Muslim. أقرأ باقي الموضوع »

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Adkiya- popular work of Zainudden Makdoom(R) in Tasawwuf

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